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13 PCS Professional Makeup Brush Set With Storage Bag (Green)

13 PCS Professional Makeup Brush Set With Storage Bag (Green)


1. Design: Thickened aluminum tube with bright surface, wear-resistant and durable, not easy to deform, and feel comfortable.
2. The material of the bristles: Soft and delicate man-made fibers, which can reduce the damage to the skin.
3. Process: The brush handle is strong and durable, polished with care, and feels good.
4. Easy to clean: It can be cleaned with a special cleaning agent, which is not easy to shed hair.
5. The package includes: 13 pieces of makeup brushes, 1 piece of storage bag.


Product name: Makeup brush set
Color: Green, pink
Material: Man-made fiber
Size: About (L*W)
Oblique scattered paint: 20.6*4.1 cm/8.11*1.61 inches
Retouching brush: 19*3.4 cm/7.48*1.34 inches
Foundation brush: 18.4*2.3 cm/7.24*0.91 inches
Blush brush: 18.8*1.8 cm/7.40*0.71 inches
Highlight brush: 18.8*1.7 cm/7.40*0.67 inches
Smudge brush: 17.2*0.7 cm/6.77*0.28 inches
Concealer brush: 16.4*0.6 cm/6.46*0.24 inches
Eyeshadow Brush/Smoky Brush: 16.2*0.6 cm/6.38*0.24 inches
Flat eyebrow brush: 16*0.7 cm/6.30*0.28 inches
Oblique eyebrow brush: 15.9*0.7 cm/6.26*0.28 inches
Detail brush: 16.2*0.5 cm/6.38*0.20 inches
Lip brush: 15*0.4 cm/5.91*0.16 inches

The package includes:
13 PCS/set * Makeup brush
1 PC* Storage bag

The cleaning method

1. Wet the brush head
2. Dip the detergent on the hand of your hand or scrubbing pad, and clean it in circular motions
3. Use a paper towel to absorb excess water along the bristles and hang it to dry in the shade.

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