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Colorful Disco Ball Party Light in Red for Amazing Parties

Colorful Disco Ball Party Light in Red for Amazing Parties

Idea for a party anywhere. Best LED light atmosphere for disco, bar, pub, Karaoke, BBQ, parties, holiday night, birthday party, Christmas, Halloween, celebrations. This party light is power supplied with DC5V, it is good idea for a party anywhere. Home, In a car, In a garden, In a hotel room, On a beach, in travel, Small gift for teens’ birthday. Any place add atmosphere for entertainment.

1. This disco ball is not rechargeable, it must be connected to an adaptor (DC 5V) when working. This disco ball is small and light, convenient to have a party anywhere.

2. It creates good atmosphere for your parties and Christmas and birthday.

3. Usually used for private small parties only, can fix a room 8m x 8m. If your room is bigger, then please buy 2 Pack or more.

4. Powered by a USB cable, DC5V 1A safety input. You need to prepare the Power Bank or adaptor by yourself, the adaptor must be with DC5V output.5. For: Family parties/Christmas decoration/birthday parties/BBQ parties/Pub decoration/Room decoration/travel parties in a Car/Garden decorations/Celebrations

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