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Comfortable Adjustable Cat Harness (Green)

Comfortable Adjustable Cat Harness (Green)

Our Adjustable Soft Cat Walking Harness with Leash is designed to keep your pet safe and secure during daily walks, runs, jogs, hikes, training sessions, and outdoor recreation. Suitable for both kittens and puppies, this harness helps prevent your pet from getting lost or encountering dangerous situations.

The H-shaped design, made of soft polyester material, ensures a comfortable fit that won't hurt your cat's neck or make them feel restricted. The harness features a detachable metal ring for temporarily releasing your cat to play freely. The handle is designed with a circular grip for easy grasping or hanging on the wrist, providing convenience during your outdoor activities.

The Adjustable Soft Vest Cat Harness Rope accommodates pets of different sizes with its adjustable design. The neck strap ranges from 17 to 27 cm, and the chest strap from 21 to 34 cm, allowing you to customize the fit for your cat or puppy. For added safety, the harness is equipped with a double safety closure buckle that effectively prevents escape and features an easy and quick-release mechanism to avoid throat locking hazards. Let your cat explore the outdoors with confidence and gentle restraint using our reliable and comfortable harness.

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