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5 PCS Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover Comedone Set

5 PCS Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover Comedone Set

The 5 pcs kit of the valneo whitehead removal tool is a handy aid in the body care and cosmetic field.

✯✯ Usage ✯✯
1. Clean and disinfect Blackhead Tool
In order to disinfect the tool, place the pimple remover into boiling water, for ten minutes, then place it into a dish filled with a disinfectant solution.

2. Clean your face thoroughly
A steam bath is suitable to open the pores and achieve the best possible results.

3. How to use the Comedone Acne Tool
Place the comedone lifter on the skin so that the pimple is right in the middle of the loop. Press the comedone lifter lightly against the skin and pull slowly. Then dab the treated area with a cosmetic tissue.

4. Facial cleansing
Afterwards, wash the face with cold water so that the pores contract again. It is recommended to apply antiseptic facial toner to disinfect the skin to prevent inflammation.

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