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Durable Metal Flea Comb in Pink for Pet Grooming

Durable Metal Flea Comb in Pink for Pet Grooming

- Quality Fine Toothed Nit Lice Comb / Lice Eggs Removal Comb
- Good quality handle
- Extra dense teeth
- Suitable for all hair types
- Use on dry on wet hair

Product May vary a little bit from the photo
Best Quality in the price range

Instructions Before combing, wash the hair thoroughly. Comb the hair from the scalp to the ends, a little strand of hair at a time. Repeat the combing to completely remove the lice eggs. Clean the comb with lukewarm water and soap. Do not boil the comb.

Highly Effective Metal bristles are spaced closely so that each hair strand can be thoroughly inspected which provides maximal nitpicking.

Easy to Clean Just wash the comb with warm water and antiseptic disinfectant after use and store away once thoroughly dry.

Perfect for any Hair type The comb works easy and perfectly for long and short hair, fine and thick hair, wet and dry hair. Can be used for children adults and pets.

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